“OLOL is one of the coolest schools. You can meet nice people to be around. I like meeting new people so this school was the best choice for me. The subjects we do here are interesting. We learn lots of subjects we never knew existed” Andrea 6th class

” I like playing football in school. I really enjoy going on trips and I love getting to see my friends in school” Peter

“I like palying football with my friends. I enjoy being able to play card games at lunchtime. Being able to enjoy interesting subjects is another great thing”.Chris-6th class

“What I like most about this school is that we do lots of fun sports and fun activities. I also like when we have time at the end of the day on Fridays to play. I love the place and all of the friends i made”. Kishor 6th

” 3 things: 1.It has kind and hospitable teachers. 2. It has hot food for lunches. 3. It has different after school activities “. – Aquila