Mr Minogue and Ms Turner’s Senior Infants

Science Investigation: Making a Bird Feeder

Strand: Living Things  Strand Unit: Plants and Animals

During Winter, it can be difficult for small birds to find food due to the cold weather. We decided for both of our classes in groups to make bird feeders to hang up around our school. At Assembly during Science Week, a few of the children presented our bird feeders to the other classes. Click the link below to see!


Ms. Turner’s Class Presenting the Bird Feeder


Science Investigation: Keeping the Damp

Strand: Materials     Strand Unit: Materials and Change

We had to differentiate between wet and dry. We then discussed what the word waterproof meant. In groups, we were given a variety of materials e.g. tinfoil, cardboard and we had to predict which of the materials were waterproof before we started our investigation. We had lots of fun testing each one!



Ms. Cassidy’s 5th Class

Investigation: How can a seat-belt save a life?

Strand: Energy and Forces

Strand Unit: Forces

5th Class investigated inertia and the importance of wearing seat belts in cars. To test and prove this we made ‘Eggmobiles’ and playdough dummies. To make sure it was a fair test the ‘Eggmobiles’ were all the same size and the dummies were the same weight. The variable that we changedwas the seat belt worn. The eggmobile was ‘driven’ into a wall and the results were recorded. We tested it three times; no seat belt, one seat belt and finally a seat belt on one of the dummies. Our predictions were accurate. When the dummies had a seat belt on they were protected while the other dummies were ‘injured’.



5th Class Christmas STEAM Challenge

Challenge: Design and build Santa’s Sleigh

Strand: Design and Make

We were given the task to design and make a sleigh for Santa that would carry toys. The criteria was that our sleigh had to include a seat for Santa and the base of the sleigh must be propped up on sleigh rails. First we examined the materials that each group had to work with. We planned and sketched our design and then built our sleighs. We tested each design. The most successful sleigh was the strongest one that could carry the most ‘toys’ (weights).