Ms. Turner

Happy St Patrick’s Day from all in First Class!

We all wore green white and orange to celebrate!

Wishing you all a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! We have been extremely busy learning about St. Patrick and how he used a shamrock to teach the people of Ireland about Christianity.

We even got to see a parade!

We were also celebrating Seachtain na Gaeilge in our class. We were trying our best to use cúpla focal every day. Everyone made such a fantastic effort in our class! Maith thú!

Spring has Sprung in First Class!

Our blossom branches inspired by Van Gogh’s famouse painting “Almond Blossom”

As March is the first month of Spring, for our art we were inspired by our surroundings and a famous artist called Vincent Van Gogh. We have noticed a lot of blossoms on the trees around us and which is a sign of Spring.

World Book Day 2022

World Book Day 2022, we went to the school library and chose a book to read in class.

We celebrated World Book Day on 3rd of March 2022. We were able to go to the school library and select a book to read in class. We really enjoyed listening and reading to all the stories we had selected.

Fantastic start to February

Literacy: Report Writing

  • We have started a new writing genre in February. We are learning to write reports on animals that we have been reading about in our non-fiction books.
  • We are learning to plan out our report and write a draft.
  • We are all excellent writers in First Class and we have already published our reports!

Maths: Capacity

  • In January and February, the measurement we have been working on has been Capacity.
  • We completed an investigation to see how many cubes could fit in a paper cyclinder.
  • First, we estimated how many we predicted could fit. Then, each group tested it out.
  • We had lots of fun!

Science: Designing a Fishing Game

  • Strand: Energy and Forces
  • Strand Unit: Magnetism and Electricity
  • In Science, we have been learning about magnetism. We have been exploring using different kinds of magnets such as horseshoe and north and south magnets. We investigated which materials attract magnets and what causes magnets to repel one another.

Art: Love is in the air!

  • Strand: Paint and Colour
  • Strand Unit: Painting
  • We painted our background using various shades of pink and reds. Then we used paper to create heart shapes to attach onto our back grounds.

Happy New Year!

Welcome back everyone! Happy 2022! We hope you all had a lovely break. We are all delighted to be back in school, we made fireworks to celebrate the new year we also discussed our 2022 New Years resolutions.

Merry Christmas!

We had lots of fun in the lead up to Christmas, with Santa paying us a visit, the Carol service and RTÉ coming to our class. Take a look at some of the photographs below!
Nollaig Shona Duit!

Static Electricity Experiment

Strand: Energy and Forces

Strand Unit: Magnetism and Electricity

We were investigating the different types of energy such as solar, wind and how they can be turned into electricity. We then looked at Static Electricity for our experiment and how we could make static electricity. We used a balloon, paper and tissue paper to test this out. We first made our predictions of what would happen with the balloon. We then rubbed our balloons on our jumpers to create static then the balloon was able to stick to the pieces of paper.

Happy Halloween from all in First Class!

Look at our scary costumes!

We have been super busy in First Class!

First Class after Football Practice

Creativity In the Classroom

We are very lucky to have Liz from Creativity in the Classroom in with us for the last few weeks. We have been working with Clay. Take a look at our amazing creations below!