6th class

Ms. Cassidy

Have a look at some of the great work 6th class have been doing so far this year!

Graffiti Art

World War II Silhouettes

Science Week in 6th Class

As part of Science week, we investigated the difference between acids and bases using red cabbage as a universal indicator. To carry out the experiment we soaked red cabbage in boiling hot water and strained it. We took a sample of different liquids/substances and discussed the universal indicator scale. We predicted whether each substance would be acidic or basic and then added some red cabbage water to see. We compared the results against the indicator scale to decide whether they were acidic/basic. We then organised them from most basic to acidic.

Science Week Art

We then reused the red cabbage water to experiment with fabrics. We dyed the material by soaking it in the red cabbage water. Using pipettes we added some other liquids like lemon juice, vinegar and toothpaste to explore what changes they would make to the material. We created some lovely patterns!


Keith Haring inspired mural art

Procedural Writing Tutorials

We have been working on the genre of procedural writing. We have written some recipes, instructions, directions and experiments. We then used Adobe spark to create tutorial videos for a range of procedures. Here are some of our videos.

Science week at home experiments (26 Nov 2020 at 20_24)