Ms. Cassidy

Our first day of 4th Class

Japan Theme

Our theme for September was Japan. We learned all about Mount Fuji and recreated our own volcanic eruptions. We created Japanese origami art and also took inspiration from the famous Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama in our mushroom dot art.


Our Communion candidates finally got to make their Communion almost 18 months late. The children and their families had lovely days to celebrate this special day.

Procedural Writing

Our writing genre for October is procedure. We have written recipes, instructions and science experiments. One of the recipes we wrote was how to make rice krispie buns so we tried out our recipe. We are also working on video procedures.

GAA Training

We have really enjoyed our weekly Gaelic football sessions with Dean from Liffey Gael’s GAA club.


We had a great day before the midterm break celebrating Halloween. Well done to everyone for the fabulous costumes and for raising money through our sponsored walk.

Science Week in 4th Class

We have had a great week doing daily science challenges with Ms Higgins’s class. We finished off the week with some STEM challenges. Have a look at what we designed.

4th Class Trip to the Jeanie Johnston famine ship

We have been learning all about the Famine in 4th class so we took a trip on the Luas to the Jeanie Johnston. We learned about lots of the passengers that emigrated to Canada during the Famine, saw what the conditions were like onboard the ship and we got to steer the ship! We had a lovely day out 🙂

FAI Cup Visit

The FAI Cup came to visit our school today after St Pats’ victory over Bohemians in the Cup final a few weeks ago.

Christmas in 4th Class

We have been doing the hot chocolate challenge over the last few weeks. To earn points we have been working hard at our listening, teamwork and kindness. We earned the maximum points and enjoyed a hot chocolate party this afternoon.

Socially Distanced Carol Service
Socially Distanced Carol Service

Static Electricity Experiment

We investigated how negative and positive atoms attract to create static electricty.

Constructing lighthouses with electricity

We have been learning about electricity and how to make circuits. Last week we investigated materials that are conductors of electricity. This week we worked on constructing lighthouses that had electricity.

STEM Challenges

St Patrick’s Day

Wbhíomar ag ceilúradh seachtain na Gaeilge le deanaí .D’fhloghamar Amhrán na gCupán agus rinnemar hataí don La Fhéile Phadraig .

GAA Match

Well done to our GAA players who had their first ever GAA match for the school. They showed great potential and are already looking forward to more GAA coaching and matches after Easter.