4th Class STEM

Last week 4th class enjoyed some great STEM activities. We completed some design and make activities, wrote summaries, and looked into some jobs that involve STEM. We all really enjoyed our STEM days! I was so impressed with the children’s design and make activities! Here are a few of them below 🙂 Here is an animal enclosure made by Riley Lewis made a boat that Continue Reading

Junior Infants – Ms O’Dwyer

STEM 2018/2019 Strand  – Energy and Forces Strand Unit – Magnetism Investigation – Which is the strongest magnet? Ms O’Dwyer’s class investigated which magnet is the strongest by testing various sizes of magnets and using them to pick up paper clips. We made predictions and carried out an experiment to see whether the larger, medium or smaller sized magnet was the strongest. The children recorded Continue Reading


Strand: Living Things        Strand Unit: Human Life             6th Class         Ms.Glynn  Some children in 6th class took a trip to Trinity as part of the TAP programme. The first activity they took part in involved judging a cake competition based in the human anatomy. The brain cake was the real hit of the day.   Continue Reading