Zoom Rules

1. All guardians must email prior consent to teacher’s eamil o.higgins@ourladyoflourdesns.ie .This only needs to be done once.

2. A meeting ID and password will be sent only to Parents who have sent consent for children to participate. This should not be shared with anyone else. Only those who have given consent will be allowed in the meeting.

3. When the meeting commences parents need to show themselves with their child to allow them out of the waiting room.

4 In the event of an unauthorised participant joins the meeting, the meeting host shall immediately remove that participant.

5. The host will immediately terminate the meeting if inappropriate behaviour or images are cast on the meeting.

6. There will be no messaging or communicating through Zoom private messaging.

7. Taking pictures of the session or sharing on social media is not permitted and breaks GDPR regulations.

8. Participants are asked to be respectful to each other and use appropriate language and to follow the school behaviour policy.

9. To keep children safe pupils should not zoom from bedrooms and make sure backgrounds are appropriate and do not give away personal information. Cameras must remain on during Zoom meeting