4th Class STEM

Last week 4th class enjoyed some great STEM activities. We completed some design and make activities, wrote summaries, and looked into some jobs that involve STEM. We all really enjoyed our STEM days!

I was so impressed with the children’s design and make activities! Here are a few of them below 🙂

Here is an animal enclosure made by Riley

Lewis made a boat that floats. He also made his name in 3D using Jenga blocks

Alice used marshmallows to make her name 3D!

Hussein used Lego to make his name 3D!

Rares made a paper airplane and he also wrote a procedure to go along with it! He also made a house for a robot.

Arianne completed some work examining the technology in her kitchen. She examined her toaster! Here is a labeled diagram.

These are just a small selection of the work completed by the children during our STEM days. Well done 4th  class!

Ms Clapperton