Let’s Play!

The best thing for children during this time is giving them the opportunity to play. Playing is learning. For more information on ‘play’ and for ideas on providing different play opportunities for your children, click here.

Activities and games during Easter!

Obstacle course: Create a furniture course in your home or take chalk and make a course outside. Add in specific mental or physical challenges to keep them guessing. Wheelbarrow, crab, and bear-walk races: Holding one of these tough positions gives you a real workout. Animal races: Hop like a bunny or frog; squat and waddle like a duck; and so on. Balloon ball: There are endless ways to play Continue Reading

The Easter story

Here are a few resources to teach yur children about the story of Easter, It is not all about the Easter bunny and Easter eggs. 🙂 Powerpoint presentation: https://www.twinkl.ie/resource/the-easter-journal-the-story-of-easter-powerpoint-t-or-1138