Activities for Senior infants!

Good morning boys and girls! Hope everyone is getting on okay! I have made a list of useful activities you can do with the children everyday.

Jolly phonics: Play video on youtube and allow the children to sing along.

You can use this resource to test the children on their sounds of each letter. Focus on a different letter each day. Get the child to come up with words starting with that letter. Example letter of the day is d. dog drum dance drop dig

Encourage your child to make sentences using the words they have come up with. Eg I brought my dog for a walk.

Handwriting: Diary entries, each day encourage your child to write a sentence about what they will do today e.g. I am going for a walk with Mum and Dad.
Encourage child to sound out any tricky words.
Letter formation: focus on one letter a day, you could pick the same letter as your sound for the day ie d

oral Language: Get the child to talk about clothes and the different clothes we wear for each season. Example During Summer when we are going to the park what sort of clothes might we wear and why?
Encourage the child to explain their answers.
Fun game: word tennis: based on the theme clothes

Dolch words: Every day I recommend going through the lists of words and test the child on word recognition. Set goals: example this week I want you to recognise words from lists 1  to 5. Next week I would like you to recognise words from lists 1 to 6

Mental maths activities: Counting on exercises: 20 jumping jacks and count them
Start at 5 and finish at 15 (Jumping)
Start on 20 and count back to 4 (Hopping on one foot)
Mix these up daily.
Number formation: focus on one number a day Eg number of the day is 5, practice writing out the number. Get the children to go through the story of 5 i.e. 0+5=5   5+0=5  1+4=5   4+1=5…….

Geography topic of the week: Weather
On twinkle there is free resources to enable you to look at a PowerPoint based on the topic go through it with your child and link it with the theme of clothes and what you would wear in the different weather conditions. A worksheet based on the topic would be provided on the website too.
History: Read a story to your child and get the child to retell the story in the correct order. Get the child to use the words, first, then and finally.

PE: useful websites
Take care and hope to see you all soon.
Mr Minogue