Some At Home Activities for Senior Infants


Hi Boys and Girls,

I hope you are keeping safe.

Here’s a few activities that you could try at home!

I hope to see you soon!

Ms. Turner

Sounds Like Phonics: 

Roy the Zebra 

Toy Shop Money Game 

Underwater Counting

Monday 23/03/20

Why not try some of these fantastic activities? All of the websites are free and easy to access.

Teacher your Monster to Read: Click on the link below and enter your child’s name there are lots of lovely activities to do! Ms. Turner’s Class login

Phonics Bloom: Practice sounds with games.

ICT Games: Lots of wonderful activities to choose from!

Storyberries: This website has lots of free Fairy Tales, Bedtime Stories and Poems.

Oxford Owl: Fantastic online library for children.

Alphablocks: Watch as the letters of the alphabet tell stories and make words using phonics.

Teddy Numbers: Count with Ted!

Numberblocks: This show includes math ideas which are shown in a playful way for children.

Sid the Science Kid: Brilliant videos and games to get the children thinking.

World Book Early Learning: Great for S.E.S.E.