Maths for fun in Junior infants

We were so lucky to have some of the fantastic children from 6th class help our Junior infants explore maths through games.
The children loved playing the games and developed some great skills through these games. (see photos below)

The benefits of maths games for children are endless. They help children to retain information more easily, they promote problem solving and children develop a love for maths through the fun activities as well as develop social skills.

The following are a few examples of maths games which can be played at home to help develop these skills;
*Snakes and ladders
*Hop scotch
*Counting activities
*Snap card game
*Give and receiving directions (Hot & cold)
*Counting rhymes and songs

There are so many interactive maths games available online also, below are a few examples – great for problem solving activities – great Maths and English games to play at home