6th class had a fantastic day out at the RDS today for Science Blast. 

Our question that we wanted to investigate was : where do you think that the colours in rainbows and bubbles come from?

The children presented their project to the judges and also to any other schools that visited our stall. 

We also had the opportunity to visit the stalls and projects of all the other schools, there were hundreds. Some were so interesting even though their question was so simple. E. G:does the size of your brain affect your intelligence? Does the size of your pencil affect your handwriting? Does coke have an effect on your teeth? ? Can computer’s replace teachers? Can taller people run faster? How could the 2 little pigs have better built their homes using sticks and hay? 

We had 2 shows to see also, and another group were very lucky to get to see the football physics show. 

We went to shows by Martin Jospen (building Nano technologies) and Jamie Gallagher (invisible worlds), they were lots of fun and very interesting and interactive.

Some children got to see the physics of football where they saw people show off amazing football skills while learning about gravity and physics. 

Our children were wonderful role ambassadors for our school.