Our class trip to St. Audoen’s Church

4th class enjoyed a great trip to St. Audoen’s Church on 18th September 2019.

We learned lots about Mediaeval life in Ireland. We learned that Dublin was a very dirty city and that there were many diseases around, such as The Plague. However, we also found out that the people were happy and all looked out for each other in the community! We loved learning about the roots of many phrases we use today- such as ‘being caught red-handed’. Colm, our tour guide, told us that this phrase stems back to Mediaeval times when thieves were made to place their arm in crushed up berries for 3 hours and were then left with a red arm for weeks meaning that everyone knew they were a thief! Perhaps, the most haunting thing we heard was that there are 2,500 bodies buried beneath the church and its surrounding area!

After the tour we went to the park for some lunch and to play. We even completed projects about Mediaeval life when we got back to the classroom!

We had a great day and it really helped us to bond as a class.