Lego workshop in Junior Infants

Our class had a Lego workshop where we all became engineers. We started by looking at different skyscrapers around the world. In groups we designed our own skyscrapers. We drew our plans and worked in groups to plan the design for our skyscrapers. We talked about how tall skyscrapers are and how many windows they have. We also made our skyscrapers unique by adding roof gardens and slides. Some of our skyscrapers even looked like robots.

After we made our plans we constructed our skyscrapers using lego. We had to make sure that our skyscrapers were strong enough to withhold an earthquake. This made us think about the way the lego blocks were stacked.

Look at our skyscrapers that we built.

At the end we did an earthquake test to see what skyscrapers were built the best. Look at the videos we took of our earthquake tests.