5th class trip to ‘The Dock’ with Junior Achievement.

We have finished our 6week block of Junior Achievement with Aga and Adrian.. The coordinators invited us in to The Dock building at Grand Canal. The Dock is a design led multi disciplinary research and development hub. Designers  developers and experts in artificial intelligence, security  mixed reality Internet of things all work here to investigate  imagine and bring new ideas to life. It is a really cool modern building and has a fantastic view of Dublin

We had 2 inspiring speakers talking to us today. Firstly we listened to Nora Patten who works with NASA and aims to be the first Irish astronaut. She told us about how she developed her childhood dream of going to space  We definitely think she will do it. She gave us an expirament to do  to build a paper rocket. It was a simple concept but required teamwork.

Then we listened to a Histologist called Linda. She worked for the state pathologist. At the start we weren’t too interested in her job as she told us she went to crime scenes and examined blood and bones. But then she asked if “anyone needed a hand   We looked up and she was holding an arm from a 200 year old skeleton.sge had his head and a leg too  It was so gross but fascinating.

We had a brilliant day out and we left thinking about what the future holds for us and thinking about what kind of opportunities lie ahead for us.