Lego workshops

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We are striving to provide our pupils with lots of different learning opportunities across the STEM subjects. We hope to ispire our children to become engineers, mathematicians, scientists or mechanics.

We are so lucky to have the company ‘Learn It’ in our school this week to provide Lego workshops to all our children. Our pupils have had wonderful experiences of thinking like an engineer and we certainly have many budding engineers walking our corridors.

” Learn it workshops complement the STEM, S.E.S.E. and Maths curriculum in a fun and engaging way and our workshops enable students to exercise scientific inquiry skills through direct hand on science, maths, engineering & technology (S.T.E.M.) activities. 

Students will practice and develop skills using LEGO Education resources to predict, estimate, observe, measure, and record investigations.   Every student that participates in our workshops will get plenty of hands on time with the LEGO Education kits, typically 80% of each session is spent designing, building & experimenting.  We offer a range of engineering and robotics based workshops that cover a wide range of subjects.”