Junior Infants Room 1

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Hi all,

Junior infants in Room 1 have had a great start this week. Tuesday was an emotional day for some kids and mums but others just strolled in and waved goodbye and got stuck in to playing and making friends. Day two is often the hardest day, but we got over it.

This week we have been Reading ‘Brown Bear,Brown Bear, what do you see’ by Bill Martin jnr. The children can read it already and can remember the page order etc. They have been helping Ms. Merry remember her colours aswell as she got all mixed up! We have been practicing using a scissors and holding it correctly. We have been learning how to line up properly and follow each other in the line without skipping. It is harder than you think 🙂

We have been very good at being kind to each other and are making some good friends. Keep an eye out for further updates as the weeks go by.

Until next time,

Mrs. Merry