Senior Infants School Tour

Last Wednesday our class went on their school tour with Ms Merry’s class to Imaginosity in Sandyford. First we had lots of fun playing on the rooftop garden and then when we went inside we became newsreaders, builders, mechanics, chefs and actors and actresses. We also got to role play in the supermarket, bank, post office and the restaurant. We loved the train set and we also became doctors in our own surgery. We really enjoyed our time in Imaginosity.

After that we went to Tymon Park to have a picnic, we were joined by two swans and their cygnets. We played in the playground before going into the forest and climbing the spiders web and building forts. We climbed up tall posts and we crossed over to other post by using a rope. We were all so brave.

We had a great day and we were so tired after. Have a look at some of our pictures from our fun-filled day!