A Better Way – The new resource model for teaching – September 2017


Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Department have introduced new way of giving out resource hours and learning support to children in all schools in Ireland. There is a link to the new scheme below.

We have been using the continuum of support in the school for the past two years (you have signed this in the last year with the teacher and resource teacher). We are ready for the transition to the new model of delivering learning support and special educational needs supports to children in our school.

It means that there no longer a need for children to be given a diagnosis to receive support that they need in school. Any children who have resource hours at the moment will receive the support until they leave our school.

We will be starting to use the new system in September 2017.

Any children who presents with needs in the future, will be placed on the Continuum of Support and a plan will be made in consultation with Parents, teachers and the SEN team.

Children who aren’t making educational progress in our school will be monitored and a period of intervention teaching will be planned for them. If this doesn’t work, we will consult with Dr. Maeve Darcy from NEPS. She will help us to plan where to go next.

If we feel that there is a need for a referral to an outside agency for example Speech and Language, Occupational therapy, Psychology etc., we will let you know and assist you with making this referral if that is your choice.

We hope to have an open morning in September 2017 to introduce our new SEN policy.

If you have any questions about the above, please come and talk to Ms. Foley or Ms. Hanly.

The information on the links below is very useful also.

Useful websites for parents.




Kind regards

Michelle Foley SEN team.