6th Class Science

Living Things

Some children in 6th class took a trip to to Trinity College as part of the TAP programme. The first activity they took part in involved judging a cake competition based on anatomy. The brain cake was the real hit of the day!


The children looked at the heart and used the appartus to monitor and hear their own heart and how the lungs work.


Another station introduced the children to how the muscles worked. The children were eager to debate the controversial myth that ‘boys are stronger than girls’. They had an opportunity to measure their strength. We found out that Newton is the unit to measure strength/force. Mohammed was the desrved winner – measuring 360 Newton. Julia represented the girls side well with a score of 280.


The children also took part in judging their favourite picture of images from the brain. Here are some favourites. 

1st Class Ms. Daly

Strand: Energy and Forces/Materials   Strand Unit: Forces/Properties and characteristics of materials

Investigation: Investigate how materials may be used in construction.

6th Class Science for Fun!

Ms.O’Donnell’s class worked with parents to carry out a range of science experiments including: building bridges, making a water/solar powered car, floating and sinking as well as playing a detective’s game using fingerprints.