Science 2017/2018


Have a look at some of the wonderful work our children are doing in Science. 



The children looked at the heart and used the apparatus to monitor and hear their own heart and how the lungs work.


Another station introduced the children to how the muscles worked. The children were eager to debate the controversial myth that ‘boys are stronger than girls’. They had an opportunity to measure their strength. We found out that Newton is the unit to measure strength/force. Mohammed was the desrved winner – measuring 360 Newton. Julia represented the girls side well with a score of 280.


The children also took part in judging their favourite picture of images from the brain. Here are some favourites.   

1st Class Ms. Daly

Strand: Energy and Forces/Materials

Strand Unit: Forces/Properties and characteristics of materials

Investigation: Investigate how materials may be used in construction.



6th Class Science for Fun Ms.O’Donnell

Strand: Living Things/Energy and Forces/Materials

Strand Unit: Human Life/Heat/Forces/Magnetism & Electricity/Properties and Characteristics of materials/Materials and change

Ms.O’Donnell’s class worked with parents to carry out a range of science experiments including: building bridges, making a water/solar powered car, floating and sinking as well as playing a detective’s game using fingerprints.



1st Class Mr.Weir

Strand:Energy and forces

Strand Unit: Magnetism and electricity.

The children investigated the different stages of how to carry out a fair test and the importance of changing only one variable. We made predictions and evaluated our findings at the end of experiment. The children recorded their findings in graphs.




2nd Class Ms.Higgins

Strand: Living Things   Strand Unit: Plants and animals

Ms.Higgins class have been busy growing plants from seeds. They compared and measured the growth of the plants. The children grew a selection of vegetables including cress, baby spinach and peas.


Senior Infants Ms Cusack

Strand: Materials

Strand Unit: Properties and characteristics of materials

Ms.Cusack’s class investigated which material is best for cleaning up a spill. We made predictions and carried out an experiment to see whether tissue, kitchen roll or newspaper or was best. The children recorded their predictions before we started and wrote up the winning paper and reason at the end.



5th Class   Strand : Living Things     Strand Unit: Plant and animal life

Mr.Gallagher’s 5th class visited the animal bioscience research centre at Teagasc in County Meath where the learned all about animal genetics and breeds of animals. They also learned about foods, vitamins and vaccines farm animals need to produce healthy milk and meat for our comsumption.



4th Class Mr.Dillon

Strand: Energy & Forces Strand Unit: Forces

Mr . Dillon’s class designed their own parachutes. They decided which materials to use and which design would bring the parachute down the slowest.


Designing parachute 

Testing parachutes.

Gardening Club

Strand: Environment Awareness and Care Strand Unit: Caring for the Environment

We are very lucky to have a Gardening Club in our school who look after and plant up our vegetable and flower beds. Check out the work they have being doing so far this spring  

Broad Beans