Maths 2017/2018

December 2017

Senior Infants Maths For Fun

The parents in Ms. Cusack’s class have been playing fun maths games every Wednesday in class supporting the learning of counting, adding and subtraction.


Senior Infants

Strand: Measures  Strand Unit: Length

We have been looking how we have grown and changed in Ms.Cusack’s Senior Infants. We used cubes to measure our hands, feet and height.

February 2018


Strand: Measures  Strand Unit: Length

Ms.Higgin’s pupils each grew plants from seed. They measured the plant’s growth, recorded it and compared it with each other.


March 2018

School Maths For Fun Event

Strand: Early mathematical activities/Number/Algebra/Shape and Space

On Friday the 9th of March we had a whole school ‘Maths for Fun’ event. Each class took part playing fun maths games in groups in their classrooms. Everyone had a blast learning maths concepts through games.




1st Class

Strand: Data

Strand Unit: Representing and interpreting data

Mr.Weir’s class carried out an investigation to see which magnet was the strongest. They recorded their results using a pictogram.