Engineering 2017/2018


We are striving to provide our pupils with lots of different learning opportunities across the STEM subjects. We hope to inspire our children to become engineers, mathematicians, scientists or mechanics.

Engineer’s Visit

Ms.Higgin’s class had a visit form a civil engineer Niall Gibbons. He talked to the children about his job and worked with them to design their dream homes.

 March 2018

We are so lucky to have the company ‘Learn It’ in our school this week to provide Lego workshops to all our children. Our pupils have had wonderful experiences of thinking like an engineer and we certainly have many budding engineers walking our corridors.

Infant Classes

Junior & Senior Infants learnt about Gears and how different Gear Combinations effected the speed of their Spinning Top projects.

Senior Classes

1st to 4th Class learnt about Levers, Pivot Points, Effort and Forces through the building of Catapults. They then went on to test their projects and completes a challenge that was given to them.
5th & 6th Class learnt about Gearing Combinations, Grip and Friction through the building of Power Cars. They then went on to test their projects up a ramp and documented their results on worksheets that was given to them.