Science 2018/2019


Presenting Scientific Knowledge

 The 3rd classes had the opportunity to present their scientific knowledge to each other. Also, Mr Weir’s class presented their scientific understanding at the launch of the Surprise of Science project. They also presented at the Science Blast at the RDS. Finally, they worked collaboratively with transition students at Mercy Secondary School along with other classes from our school who also visited.  We also visited The Oblates for a science show. After which our pupils shared some cool experiments in assembly with the rest of our school.



Science Week

First Class Ms. O’Donnell & Ms.O’Keeffe

Investigating and Experimenting

Strand: Materials

Strand Unit: Properties and characteristics of materials

During science week the first classes went to Imaginosity to make slime. We had great fun working as scientists in the lab and best of all we got to bring home our slimy slime!







Third Class – Ms. O’Mahony & Mr. Weir

Strand: Forces and materials. Using STEM skills for investigation. Investigating Slopes.

Why we change one variable during fair testing.


What we learned about fair testing

We always begin an investigation with a starter question.

Strand materials: Strand unit. Properties and characteristics of materials. Sound insulation

.In our investigations we use a  STEM framework.



Junior Infants – Ms. O’Dwyer

Science Strand: Energy                                         Maths Strand: Number

Science Strand Unit: Light                                     Maths Strand Unit: Data

The Junior Infants carried out an investigation on colours and how they appear on different backgrounds. We used 4 coloured crayons- blue, green, yellow and red. We used black and white paper. We made predictions about which colours would be best to use on black and which ones would be best on white. We made a pictogram with our predictions. The children then carried out the investigation by making marks of different colours on both black and white paper. Following our investigation we found out that dark colours such as red and blue were best on white paper. We also found out that yellow was the best colour to use on black paper as it stood out best. We now know that the background colour is very important when choosing a colour crayon to write with.

First Class: Ms.O’Keeffe

Science Strand: Energy and Forces      Strand unit: Sound

First class recorded predictions and investigated how different materials can act as an insulator of sound.  To do this they used bags of water, bags of sand, their hands and their coat hoods and held these to their ears while we used a bell and an alarm to compare and find out which of the materials was the best sound insulator.


4th Class – Science Explorers

Strand- Energy and Forces

Strand Unit- Forces

Ms. Daly’s class investigated whether eggs were boiled or not.  We made predictions and carried out different actions to decide which egg was boiled and which was raw. The children recorded their predictions before we started and wrote up how they discovered which egg was boiled and reason at the end.

Science Strand: Environmental awareness and care      Strand Unit: Science and the Environment 

Gardening Club

We have been very busy in our garden club. As part of the Incredible Edibles programme, we are growing carrots, lettuce, chives, spinach, turnip, potatoes, and strawberries. Mrs. Merry gave us some other seeds to grow as well like a mangetout, broccoli, broad beans, peas, and “surprise seeds(we don’t know what it is). We also are promoting biodiversity by cultivating a wildflower bed. We topped it up with more seeds today and we hope to see some lovely wildflowers and bees and butterflies feasting on their nectar next month.


Junior Infants Ms.O’Dwyer

Science Strand: Energy & Forces  Strand Unit: Magnetism

Junior Infants were investigating different sized magnets and how strong they are.