Maths 2018/2019


Science  Strand: Energy   Strand Unit :Forces Investigating Ramps

Maths Strand: Measures, Number  Strand Unit: Data, Length

Using Maths in fair testing

Using maths in investigation of whether shoe size and height are linked. 3rd class pupils designed own test.

3rd class using charts to record findings#

Using measure during an investigation

Using graphs to record and interpret results

Understanding the importance of checking measurements


Second Class – Ms. Glynn

Maths Strand: Measures    Maths Strand Unit: Length

Second Class have been exploring outer space and travelling in space for some time. We had a great interest in rockets and watching the rockets and watching the rockets take off. The class decided to build rockets. For some inspiration we watched videos of homemade rockets taking to the sky on Youtube. We all designed our own individual rockets. Then we decided to make rockets together in groups. We used foam, insulation, cardboard and duct tape. We cut the foam making sure each piece was the same size for a fair test. After we designed and made the rockets, we decided to predict how far our rockets would go. We tested our rockets and found that the wind had a big impact on how far they would travel. We waited a while for the wind to calm. Then we had lift off. Each member of the group had a chance to test the rocket to ensure a fair test. We measured the distance using metre sticks. We found that the result depended a lot on force. As predicted all rockets went further than one meter.

Second Class Ms.Higgins

Maths Strand: Measures     Maths Unit: Length

2nd Class completed a two-part science investigation. First, we measured and recorded the length of everyone’s feet. Then we investigated if your arm span is the same as your height. We discovered that height and arm span are usually around the same length!