Maths Week Quiz

Well done to all children in 3rd-6th class who participated in our school Maths Quiz on Friday afternoon. It was great to see the children working together from different classes to solve the problems.


Maths Week Problem Solving Puzzles

5th Class really enjoyed the maths puzzles that were set up in the library this week. The card games, tangrams and BeeBots were the highlights for the 5th class. Thank you and well done to the 6th class students who helped set up and run the puzzles for each class.












5th Class 100m World Record Attempt

Strand: Measures

Strand Unit: Length

We have been investigating Length in maths recently. We discussed how length affects our daily lives. One such activity was measuring distances in athletics. We watched and discussed Usain Bolt’s 100m world record and decided we would test ourselves against his record. We decided that we would set a timer for 9.13 seconds and sprint from the boundary of the yard in a straight line. When the whistle was blown, we stopped and marked it with a cone. We decided that a trundle wheel would be the most appropriate tool to measure the distance we ran, rather than a metre stick. In small groups we returned to the starting point and counted each metre as we moved the trundle wheel across the yard. We really enjoyed this activity and well done to Maksim who came the closest to Bolt’s record running 76m in the 9.13 seconds!