Special Needs Education

Special Educational Needs

SEN – Special Education Needs
In Our Lady of Lourdes, we value every child equally. We recognise that some children may at different points throughout their time with us, need extra help with making progress. This may be related to their educational needs, their emotional needs or both.
The SEN team is made up of teachers. Learning Support Teachers work mostly in class so that all children benefit from a little extra regardless of ability. Learning Support teachers also give extra help to those children with challenges such as Dyspraxia and Dyslexia.
Resource Teachers work throughout the school with children who have been assessed and found to be in need of some extra support or teaching. We consult with NEPS – the National Educational Psychology Services and with CAMHs – The Children and Adult Mental Health Service. These and other outside agencies assist us in pinpointing the needs of the children we are concerned about .
SNA’s work closely with children who have been assigned SNA assistance by the SENO. 
We also work with Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists, in assisting children in getting the help they needs to reach their full potential in Primary School.
Our Resource Team liaise with parents, outside agencies and class teachers in formulating the Continuum of Support. This is a plan which begins with the class teachers observation, moving on to support from the resource teacher and then to outside agencies. It looks at supporting children with SEN and meeting their needs throughout their time in OLOLNS. Parents are asked to input at the parent/teacher meetings and sign this document. The continuum is reviewed throughout the year to monitor progress. Children with needs attend their Resource Teacher either individually or in small groups. They work on programs supporting the learning their class or specifically structured for them.
If you have any queries or you are worried about your child’s progress in our school, please contact Michelle Foley in room 10a