5th Class

5th Class Zoom Call                    8th June 2020

Hi everyone,

We have decided that it would be a nice idea to have an online video class call using Zoom this Friday 12th of June at 12pm.
If you would like to join your parents/guardians need to send me an e-mail giving permission. If I don’t receive this email unfortunately you won’t be able to join the call.
You will need to have downloaded Zoom onto your device to use it.
If you are talking to anyone in the class that you know isn’t very active on Google Classroom please let them know about this meeting and get them to contact me.

OLOL Video calls rules:
1. All guardians must email prior consent to a.cassidy@ourladyoflourdesns.ie for child participation. This only needs to be done once.

2. A meeting ID and password will be sent only to the parents of children who have sent written consent for their child to participate. This should not be shared with anyone else. Only those who have given consent will be allowed in the meeting.

3. When the meeting commences parents need to show themselves with their child to allow them out of the waiting room.

4. In the event of an unauthorized participant joins the meeting, the meeting host shall immediately remove that participant.

5. The host will immediately terminate the meeting if inappropriate behaviour or images are cast on the meeting.

6. There will be no messaging or communicating through Zoom private messaging.

7. Taking pictures of the session or sharing on social media is not permitted and breaks GDPR regulations.

8. Participants are asked to be respectful to each other and use appropriate language and to follow the school behaviour policy.

9. To keep children safe pupils should not zoom from bedrooms and make sure backgrounds are appropriate and do not give away personal information.

Please make sure you have read these with your parents and make sure you understand and agree to them. If you have any questions about them do let me know.

It will be lovely to see you all on the Zoom call. We will be mainly having a catch up and playing a few games on this meeting. Let me know if you or your parents have any questions!

Hi 5th class and families,                                                                                                     4th May 2020

This week 5th class are going to be doing ‘Active Homes Week’. We are going to try to get active through lots of activities in different subjects. I will be sharing daily ‘fun’ fitness challenges for all the family to get involved in, over on Google Classroom.

Since we are mainly using Google Classroom for teaching and learning at the moment, we have an agreement written to make sure everyone is safe while working online. Have a read of it below, if you don’t understand anything or have any questions about it let me know.

Ms. Cassidy


Hi everyone,                                                                                                                         27th April 2020

Our Google Classroom has been working really well so I will continue to share activities and tasks with you on it. If you are having any issues accessing it, or have any questions at all send me an email a.cassidy@ourladyoflourdesns.ie

We have been working on a class poem about everything that’s happening around us in the world. Everyone submitted their own line and we are really proud of how it turned out.




Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all doing well during this strange time. I know I gave you all plenty of work last week in school but I’m adding some more activities and ideas here for something different to what you already have. Like we discussed, I don’t expect you to do everything-just a selection of activities.

Google Classroom: We are going to trial Google Classroom this week in 5th Class. There have been some technical difficulties getting it set up and I know the access code I sent to you all this morning is not working. I’m working on fixing it and hopefully I will get it set up for you all as soon as possible. In the meantime, try some of the activities below to keep you busy!

Hopefully see you all very soon!

Ms. Cassidy

Active/PE Work:

  • Spell your name PE (see picture below). After you’ve spelled your name spell everyone in your family’s name!
  • ‘The Body Coach’ PE with Joe. Monday – Friday 9am on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1
  • Practice Mr. Minogue’s circuits (sit ups, burpees, plank, butterfly kicks, jumping jacks, press ups) and maybe add some of these exercises to the circuit: tuck jumps, squat jumps, heel taps, wall sit/imaginary chair challenge.
  • Choose some activities from the Active Choice Board (see picture below)





There are great prizes, the winning stories might be read out on the radio. Entries due in by Wed 25th March.

  • Writing Choice board: choose some writing activities from the choice board below:



  • Continue reading your novels and library books.
  • Create a comic strip for your favourite scene in your book.
  • Choose some reading activities from the choice board below:




  • Practise your times tables.
  • Choose some activities from the choice board below:


  • Junk Art: raid your recycling bin and create a monster (or whatever you like) using recycled materials.
  • Still life drawing: Choose random items at home and draw them.



  • Project: Create a project on ‘People/A person that made a difference’. You can write this project on a poster, in your W2R pad or make a PowerPoint presentation. I look forward to seeing them!
  • Get involved in RTE 2FM’s ‘Create Don’t Contaminate’ social media challenges with your family. They are setting daily challenges online such as toilet roll keepy upy’s.
  • Play card games with your family. Here’s a link to some game ideas: https://www.kidspot.com.au/things-to-do/kids-games/indoor-play/snap-12-classic-card-games-to-teach-the-kids/news-story/1d153893aee53908749c1377c588928c
  • Coding: Use some of the skills you learned from our DreamSpace coding workshop to deisgn a game using block code on the free MakeCode Arcade website https://arcade.makecode.com/