6th class

St. Patrick’s Day festivities in 6th Class.

Ms. Cassidy

8th – 12th March 

We are hopefully into our final week of online learning. We await confirmation from the Government but hopefully we will be back in our classroom from the 15th of March. We are running a competition/raffle this week. There are two Just Eat vouchers as a prize. To be in with a chance to win you must submit work for each day this week. The winners will be presented with their prize in school next week. Well done for all the hard work over the last few months, one last week of work at home and I am really looking forward to seeing you all back in the prefabs next week, (hopefully!).

Ms Cassidy

Zoom calls for this week:

Tuesday 9th @ 11am SPHE Wellbeing ‘A Lust for Life’

Friday 12th @ 11am Book Club discussion of ‘Resistance’

Here is this week’s online learning plan:

1st – 5th March

Zoom calls for this week:

Tuesday 2nd @ 11am SPHE Wellbeing ‘A Lust for Life’

Friday 5th @ 11am Book Club discussion of ‘Resistance’

Here is the plan for this week’s online learning


We won’t be able to go ahead with the original date we had planned for the confirmation.  We will let you know when we have more information on the new date. To prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation, I will be sharing 3 videos and worksheets with you over the next few weeks before we go back to school. Please watch the video and answer the questions attached with your parent/guardian.



22nd – 26th February 2021

Wednesday 24th @ 11am SPHE Wellbeing ‘A Lust for Life’ lesson

Friday 26th @ 11am Book Club discussion of ‘Resistance’

Read through the following steps if you would like to join our call:

1. Read the zoom rules (attached) with your parent/guardian.
2. Your parent/guardian must send me an email giving you permission and saying that you have read and agree to the rules for using zoom. **If I don’t receive this email unfortunately you won’t be able join.
3. You will receive a link by email to join our call on Thursday at about 10.30am. If you don’t receive the link at that time contact me.
4. Download the zoom app on your phone/tablet/device before the call and maybe test it to make sure it’s working.
5. During the call your camera must be on.

Any questions let me know, looking forward to see you all!

Ms Cassidy

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Here is this weeks online learning plan

6th class have adapted so well to online learning over the last few weeks. Click on the link below to have a look at some of the fabulous work they’ve been doing at home.


8th – 12th February 2021

Here is this weeks online learning plan.

1st – 5th February 2021

Here is this weeks online learning tasks.

Ms Cassidy

25th-29th January 2021

We are into our 3rd week of online learning. Well done to everyone for all of the hard work you’ve been doing while at home. The organisers of the Write to Read project have arranged for everyone in our class to get a novel so they will be delivered to you this week, so keep an eye out for that. Keep up the great work and hopefully we’ll be back in our classroom soon.

Ms Cassidy😁

Here the weekly plan for this week’s online learning 25th – 29th January

18th-22nd January 2021

Hi everyone,

Well done to everyone for getting involved in our first week of online learning. There has been great engagement on Google Classroom and it’s brilliant to see how hard you’ve all been working at home. If you received a work pack, I’d love to see how you’re getting on with it so send me some of your work by email a.cassidy@ourladyoflourdesns.ie

Here is the weekly plan for next week’s online learning 18th – 22nd January

Ms Cassidy

11th-15th January 2021

Hi everyone,

As you know we are going to be doing online learning at home over the next few weeks. We have our Google Classroom set up so I will be posting daily learning activities on it. If you haven’t signed up or are having any issues please email me on a.cassidy@ourladyoflourdesns.ie

Here is the plan for this week 11th – 15th January 2021

Ms Cassidy 😊


Have a look at some of the great work 6th class have been doing so far this year!

Graffiti Art

World War II Silhouettes

Science Week in 6th Class

As part of Science week, we investigated the difference between acids and bases using red cabbage as a universal indicator. To carry out the experiment we soaked red cabbage in boiling hot water and strained it. We took a sample of different liquids/substances and discussed the universal indicator scale. We predicted whether each substance would be acidic or basic and then added some red cabbage water to see. We compared the results against the indicator scale to decide whether they were acidic/basic. We then organised them from most basic to acidic.

Science Week Art

We then reused the red cabbage water to experiment with fabrics. We dyed the material by soaking it in the red cabbage water. Using pipettes we added some other liquids like lemon juice, vinegar and toothpaste to explore what changes they would make to the material. We created some lovely patterns!


Keith Haring inspired mural art

Procedural Writing Tutorials

We have been working on the genre of procedural writing. We have written some recipes, instructions, directions and experiments. We then used Adobe spark to create tutorial videos for a range of procedures. Here are some of our videos.

Science week at home experiments (26 Nov 2020 at 20_24)

Christmas in 6th Class

Have a look at our 3D winter/Christmas scenes that we constructed using lots of different materials and with wonderful help from Tony.

We made snowmen using socks, rice, elastic bands and markers. They turned out great!