Teachers V 6th Class basketball!

There was great excitement on Wednesday as the sixth class pupils played basketball against the teachers. Both sides showed great skill throughout the match and were monitored closely by Ref Kay. The majority of support from the children in the other classes was in favour of the 6th class but this didn’t frighten the teachers off their game! The first 2 quarters were close in Continue Reading

Fun in first class

The boys and girls in Miss Daly’s First class have been working very hard during the month of October. In English writing we focused on Procedural writing and created some very scary potions that included the instructions and equipment needed to make our potions! We were also learning about different types of bridges and made our own bridges during a science lesson and looked at Continue Reading

First class News

Ms. Daly’s First class have settled into a good routine during the month of September and we were working very hard on Recount writing this month. The children learned how to sequence stories and when they put pencil to paper, worked very diligently remembering to sound out words and use capital letters and full stops appropriately. The children’s favourite recount was about our visit to Continue Reading

3rd and 5th Class trip to Clara Lara Fun Park

The boys and girls in 3rd and 5th Class had a fantastic day filled with fun in Clara Lara in Wicklow. The children got to experience everything this amazing fun park had to offer, including water slides, zip lines, go karting and canoeing to name a few.  The beautiful weather was an added bonus! The children were allowed to pick whichever activity they would like Continue Reading

3rd class Art -Piet Mondrian

This week, both third classes have come together to look at the work of Piet Mondrian, a Dutch artist who was very interested in the shapes and balance of pictures. A lot of his paintings had white squares with black outlines using the primary colours; red, yellow and blue. We had great fun using his art ideas and putting our own ideas on paper. 


We are really enjoying our OLOLYMPICS which is taking place until the holidays. Each week the children in from Juniors to Sixth class engage with a different sport. This week 3rd and 4th were practicing their badminton, relay and three – legged race skills! OLOLYMPICS is a fantastic means for the children to practice so many different skills that are needed for a variety of Continue Reading