Teachers V Students Dodgeball tournament!

We had a fantastic day on Friday when the staff of Our Lady of Lourdes played dodgeball against the children. The children’s team had one student from every class. The teachers got off to a great start and won the first few rounds. However the teachers were too confident too soon and the children really improved their game and caught up to the teachers!! In the final round there was only one point between the teams!!! Both teams really wanted to win but it was the children’s team who were victorious in the end! The children who were not playing on the teams were an excellent support to both teams by cheering them on. Everyone showed fantastic team spirit! Congratulations to the winning team! Those who played were Denis,Leonardo,Luke,David,Christopher,William, Peter, Brody, Roksana, Crina, Katie, Karl, Dominic, Kevin, Nathan and Favour.